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Anne Bagby- Gorgeous Printed Papers

We were over the moon when Anne Bagby, the internationally renowned print maker & mixed media artist sent us a design for a printing block. Jamie took Anne's design to India and had it made up into 4 different wooden printing blocks.

Ann adored the blocks we sent her and quickly got to work using them, meanwhile we patiently waited to see what she would create.

Yesterday we got very excited when an air mail envelope arrived on the Colouricious door step! Inside were these wonderful printed papers! Great work Anne, we love them- it is so nice to see them being used to create such interesting work. If you are interested in creating you very own, unique printed papers & fabrics, send us your design and we will get your design made up into a one off wooden printing block! use google to visit the Indian Wooden Block Company website, brought to you by Colouricious. Commission your own designs or browse our wide range of ready made blocks.


Anne Bagby- Gorgeous Printed Papers {textile}