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Leading British Textile Artists & Tutors

Many people ask us how to contact some of the textile artists that we feature in our programmes, so that they can attend their courses personally.
If you would like to attend one of their workshops or invite them to teach you at your group, please contact each artist directly -...

  • Jill Kennedy - silk painting courses
  • Gilda Baron - felting, embellishing, embroidery
  • Di Wells - patchwork and quilting
  • Kim Thittichai - Hot Textiles
  • Fay Maxwell - slashing & hand embroidery
  • Linda Miller - machine embroidery
  • Myfanwy Hart - embellishing machine & dyeing
  • Anne Griffiths - water solubles & machine embroidery
  • Angie Hughes - machine embroidery
  • Marilyn Pipe - textile techniques
  • Ineke Berlyn - lutradur
  • Mary Gamester - transfer paints
  • Gina Ferrari - machine embroidery
  • Missenden Abbey Easter School - a centre of excellence for adult education, in Buckinghamshire UK
  • Check out each of these websites to explore the wealth of talent and skills that they love to teach their groups. No matter where you live, now is the time to start thinking ahead, spring into action with learning new textile art skills and blossoming your own talent too.
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Leading British Textile Artists & Tutors {textiles}