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Block Printing Workshop.

I too would like to thank everyone that joined in on Friday and had a go at block printing. It was so heart warming to see everyone enjoying their creativity. For many people it was the first time they had turned their hand to block printing and I am sure that many people surprised themselves with what they achieved on the day, creating some truly beautiful fabrics.

I would love to see what you do with your fabrics so please send in photos of what you turn them into, be it a book cover, a tea cosy, a purse or a bag! Why not incorporate your unique piece of hand block printed fabric into a patchwork?!

Friday was a wonderfully sociable, creative and happy event which I hope we can replicate in the future, be sure to join our mailing list, follow the "Subcribe to our newsletter today" button on our home page here, as I am very confident that we shall be announcing another event later on in the year!

Happy Block Printing,

best wishes



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Block Printing Workshop. + workshop