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Patchwork Beanbag!

After visiting the fantastic exhibition of quilts at the V&A with Holly on Monday, I was inspired to start a patchwork creation of my own. Whilst not nearly as impressive as the patchwork on display, it is nice and comfy!

So here it is - my patchwork beanbag, currently pride-of-place in my lounge!

My beanbag is created using recycled fabrics, using the traditional hexagon patchwork technique. Instead of using the traditional paper templates however, I traced a hexagon directly onto the material. It is very easy to whip up and can be made in any size. I bought the filling from Amazon (I am sure their are cheaper places to buy it but it was very convenient to have it delivered to my door).

If you can't work out how I made it email me at and I can send you a detailed diagram. Happy stitching!

Lizzie x

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Patchwork Beanbag! + v and a