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Theres a new chef in my kitchen

There have been lots of yummy meals coming out of my kitchen the past few weeks and this time I cannot take credit. Andrew has decided to learn how to cook! Until now Andrew has been my sous chef. He knows some of the basics and assists me when I make dinner, but he has never cooked any meals for us. He helps me prep veggies, stir things when I run out of hands, and knows the difference between boiling and simmering. On occasion he will bake us cookies. And I must admit, he has become a pro at using his mini deep fryer. Now he is learning how to make us dinner.

Over the last 2-3 weeks Andrew has made some great meals for us (with the assistance of my cookbooks). First was the Tomato-Florentine Soup from Vegan Italiano, then the Popeye Pasta from Eat, Drink & Be Vegan, and the Beanball Subs from Veganomicon. We liked all 3 meals, but the beanball sub was by far the best. After eating one of those subs I couldn't believe I haven't tried the recipe yet. They're freakin awesome! They're basically a vegan version of an Italian meatball sub. They have "meat"balls made from beans and wheat gluten, marinara sauce, and cashew cream. Andrew made the beanballs and cashew cream and I assisted him by making the marinara. We've had the Veganomicon beanballs before, but the cashew cream was something new. The actual recipe calls for pine nut cream but Andrew decided to substitute the pine nuts with cashews (a good choice if you ask me). The cashew cream was delicious! It was a replacement for the cheese used in real meatball subs. I definitely prefer that stuff over real cheese any day. The meatballs were a little squishy, but still tasty nonetheless. I was really impressed with this recipe and the great job Andrew did. It's nice having someone else make me dinner for once!

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